Sponsor me

So you want to be sponsored by Critically Acclaimed?.
    For over 10 years Critically Acclaimed have been actively involved in supporting those involved in the music, sport and artistic industries, whether it be local alternative metal or a skateboard comp across the globe. We as a brand promote a DIY heavy lifestyle that aligns with a multitude of people's attitudes and are always open to possibility of working with any likeminded individuals.
    We are always searching for people using their creative outlets to progress.
    In the digital age brands are bombarded by emails, tweets and comments screaming "give me free stuff". We view the opportunity to support someone as more of a partnership, catch our eye doing what you do best and promote our shared ethos supporting the brand you want to be a part of.
    Of course it's hard to list an exact criteria that we require as every industry is different so for your best opportunity please send us a direct email featuring your work and we will get back to you.
    Contact us: hello[at]criticallyacclaimed.co.uk with the subject sponsor