Shipping Information

β€’ Postage providers

Working with Royal Mail* (Domestic & International), Parcelforce* (Domestic & International) and Collect+ (International).

*Passed to your local / regional postage provider when arriving in your country

β€’ Postage tracking services

Royal Mail Track & Trace
Parcel Force Track & Trace
Collect+ Tracking

*If your tracking code is not working please try again after 24 hours

β€’ Postage timescale

We dispatch orders before 1pm GMT / BST on weekdays (excluding bank, seasonal and national holidays). Depending on the timescale and workload of your chosen postage method delivery time will vary. Typically we can assume the following:

1-2 days - Royal Mail 1st Class (Domestic)
2-3 days - Royal Mail 2nd Class (Domestic)
2-3 days - Parcelforce Express (Domestic)
3-5 days - Royal Mail Euro Standard (International)
6-7 days - Royal Mail World Standard (International)
5-7 days - Collect+ (International)

These timescales do not represent busy holiday periods or times of overwhelming demand. Please refer to the postage providers website to determine if your parcel will arive in time. We operate cut-off holiday dates to allow orders to arrive on time, these can be found on our website yearly.

β€’ Order delayed or missing

Our postage providers always reccomend 14 days after posting as a wait time before chasing up a missing or lost order. This will allow for international delays also. Overseas shipping (outside EU) can be 14 days if delayed.

β€’ Postage World Zones

We base our postage calculations on world zones provided by your postage methods. The zones we operate in are; United Kingdom (domestic zone), Europe, World Zone 1 and World Zone 2

β€’ Countries in zones

Domestic zone:

United Kingdom

Europe zone:

Albania Denmark (EU) Kyrgyzstan Russia
Andorra Estonia (EU) Latvia (EU) San Marino
Armenia Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Serbia
Austria (EU) Finland (EU) Lithuania (EU) Slovakia (EU)
Azerbaijan France (EU) Luxembourg (EU) Slovenia (EU)
Azores (EU) Georgia Macedonia Spain (EU)
Balearic Islands (EU) Germany (EU) Madeira (EU) Sweden (EU)
Belarus Gibraltar (EU) Malta (EU) Switzerland
Belgium (EU) Greece (EU) Moldova Tajikistan
Bosnia Herzegovina Greenland Monaco (EU) Turkey
Bulgaria (EU) Hungary (EU) Montenegro Turkmenistan
Canary Islands Iceland Netherlands (EU) Ukraine
Corsica (EU) Irish Republic (EU) Norway Uzbekistan
Croatia (EU) Italy (EU) Poland (EU) Vatican City State
Cyprus (EU) Kazakhstan Portugal (EU) Β 
Czech Republic (EU) Kosovo Romania (EU)


World Zone 1:
Zone 1 covers all countries, not defined as being in Europe or World Zone 2.

World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia.

World Zone 2:
Australia Belau British Indian Ocean Territory Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) Cocos Islands Cook Island Coral Sea Island
Fiji French Polynesia French South Antarctic Territory Keeling
Kiribati Macao Nauru Island New Caledonia
New Zealand New Zealand Antarctic Territory Niue Island Norfolk Island
Norwegian Antarctic Territory Papua New Guinea People's Democratic Republic of Laos Pitcairn Island
Republic of Singapore Solomon Islands Tahiti Tokelau Islands
Tonga Tuvalu US Samoa Western Samoa

β€’ Pricing in weight per zone

United Kingdom shipping prices

Europe Shipping Pricing

World Zone 1 Shipping prices

World Shipping Zone 2 Pricing